Abyss® Controller 1

Engineered specifically for Proactive's™ 12 Volt Engineered Plastic Abyss pump

The Proactive™ Abyss® Controller 1 is engineered specifically for the Abyss® (DTW 220ft) 12 volt pump.

The Abyss® Controller 1 has the ability to shut the Abyss pump off when the water level (or liquid) is detected by using the enclosed shut off probe. It is that simple.

The Abyss Pump and Abyss® Controller 1 is a great combination for Pump tests, Well evacuations, Storm water sampling, and pump and treat systems.

Simple to use!

Just set the 2 probes in the water column where you wish to set the desired turn on and turn off of the pump. The Abyss® Controller 1 will do the rest. The use of a deep cycle battery or even solar panels can be used with the Abyss® Controller 1.

A great feature with the Abyss controller 1 is that you have the option to install an external float in a large tank (float included with the Abyss controller 1); like a 500 gallon container. So when the tank is full, the float will activate, thus, shutting off the abyss pump.

Great for use in these applications:

  • Pump tests
  • Well evacuation
  • Storm water sampling
  • Pump and treat systems


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