Dipperlog - Data Logger

Dipperlog - Data Logger

The Heron dipperLog offers a wide range of sampling intervals with pressure ranges to 400ft (120m) water head with temperature. The dipperLog is a low cost data logger for continuously monitoring water levels and temperature in wells, boreholes and open bodies of water.

Its small size allows the dipper-log to be used in well diameters as small as 3/4 of an inch (20mm).The dipperLog is a durable & reliable ground water data logger. It is very easy to launch and even easier to download when used in conjunction with a barLog barometric logger. No need to open separate files, the Heron designed software does it all for you. Because of the unique "grab" of the barometric pressure during set up of the dipperLog there is no requirement for elevation correction. Down in the valley or on top of a mountain it is spot on every time.

Also available on a reel or a completely submersible instrument.


  • Automatic elevation adjustment with short term static barometric compensation.
  • Long term automatic barometric compensation with the Heron barLog.
  • Real time reading of height of water and temperature.
  • Rapid real time reading (10 measurements / sec) with text and graphing.
  • Compatible with the Heron dipperWave wireless remote reading system.
  • Easy field recalibration.
  • Comprehensive data management system is incorporated into the program.
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