Tape measure from 50-2000 feet/15-600m in intervals.
Each meter step-up from 50 ft/15m.

(example 50ft/15m, 100ft/30m, 150ft/45m)

50ft/15m to 2000ft/600m tape/cable. Comes with carrying case

The dipper-T water level meter has been designed to provide a long and reliable service life, we back up our claims with a 5 year warranty. Accuracy begins with a top quality, heavy duty tape. Each tape is tested by the manufacturer to ensure compliance with appropriate ASME standards. These tough tapes have a breaking load of over 300lbs (150 kilos). The tape is made from high tensile steel, ensuring resistance to stretching even at abnormal loads.

Everything on the unit from the ergonomic vinyl carry handle to the easy clean, full depth stainless steel probe has been carefully designed to give you the very best water level meter. And yes, this is a precision instrument and as such each unit includes a sturdy padded nylon carrying bag.
  • Easy to read accurate (ASME Standard) heavy duty polyethylene jacketed tape with stainless steel conductors.
  • All tape scales are printed beneath the jacketing ensuring long life and readability
  • Full depth, easy clean stainless steel and Teflon® probe.
  • Strong, flexible link attaches cascade-proof 5/8 inch (16mm) dia. probe to the tape, providing tape protection at this vital junction.
  • Water and dust proof encapsulated electronics on a removable front panel that houses the single 9V battery drawer, audible and light signal, sensitivity control and circuit test button.
  • Durable UV and high impact resistant engineered plastic reel with all stainless steel fittings
  • "Third Hand" feature on casing allows unit to be suspended on well while test results are recorded
  • Polyester coated steel frame with a comfortable ergonomic vinyl grip and large convenient reel lock.
  • The standard tapes are marked in feet and 100th/ft or meters and mm
  • Tape lengths available: 50ft, 100ft, 150ft and 200ft to 2500ft in steps of 100ft (15m, 30m, 50m, 100m, thereafter in 50m increments).
  • Intermediate lengths are to special order.
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Carrying bag and tape guide included

with options or measure tape from 50/15m up to 1000ft/300m.
Comes with carrying case

Certified intrinsically safe the Heron H.OIL is the most popular interface meter on the market. Thousands of these instruments are being used by groundwater professionals worldwide. The Heron H.OIL interface meter is used to measure the thickness of floating or sinking hydrocarbon products in groundwater accurately, reliably, safely and economically.

The easy to read accurate (ASME standard) heavy duty Kynar® jacketed tape is accurate to 1/100 ft per 100 feet. Measure with confidence to 1/200 ft (1mm).

Environmentally protected encapsulated circuit for durability on an easily removable modular electronic panel. Easy field changeable probe.
  • Certified intrinsically safe to CSA and ANSI/UL standards.
  • Class 9098-01 for hazardous locations.
  • Class 9098-81 (USA) for hazardous locations.
  • Class I groups A, B, C and D.

  • Detects and measures LNAPL and DNAPL
  • Certified intrinsicaly safe
  • Slim 5/8 inch (13mm) field replaceable stainless steel probe. *probe has a non removable ¾ inch protector fitted as standard. (If 5/8 inch diameter probe is required please specify when ordering .)
  • Able to measure product layer as thin as 1/200ft (1mm)
  • Easy to read accurate (ASME Standard) Kynar® jacketed tape with stainless steel conductors . Graduation 1/100 ft (1mm)
  • Standard tapes are printed beneath the jacketing.The print never wears off.
  • Unique flexible link between tape and probe designed to protect the tape. Should the probe become "hung up" in the well, the link will break saving the costly tape by sacrificing the replaceable probe.
  • Easy change single 9v battery.
  • Includes tough nylon carry bag and a comprehensive cleaning kit.
  • Probe holder/tape guide included.

Now Certified intrinsically safe. Small size but big features. Heron’s small interface meter is an economical unit that will measure to 60ft(20m) below the top of the well, making it ideal for shallow wells or high water tables. The Sm.Oil interface meter measures the thickness of floating or sinking layers of hydrocarbon products in the groundwater. Many of these instruments are used by refineries, oil spill and remediation companies, land fills and site clean up projects.
  • Small, light-weight, low-cost quality meter for use in shallower wells.
  • Certified intrinsically safe. (CSA & ANSI/UL)
  • Easy to read accurate (ASME Standard) heavy duty Kynar® Jacketed tape with stainless steel conductors.(breaking load over 300lb)
  • Tape length 60ft (20m).
  • Powered by single 9 Volt Battery.
  • Carry bag included.
  • 3 year limited warranty * 1 year warranty on replaceable probe

The Heron dipperLog offers a wide range of sampling intervals with pressure ranges to 400ft (120m) water head with temperature. The dipperLog is a low cost data logger for continuously monitoring water levels and temperature in wells, boreholes and open bodies of water.
Its small size allows the dipper-log to be used in well diameters as small as 3/4 of an inch (20mm).The dipperLog is a durable & reliable ground water data logger. It is very easy to launch and even easier to download when used in conjunction with a barLog barometric logger. No need to open separate files, the Heron designed software does it all for you. Because of the unique “grab” of the barometric pressure during set up of the dipperLog there is no requirement for elevation correction. Down in the valley or on top of a mountain it is spot on every time.

Also available on a reel or a completely submersible instrument.

  • Automatic elevation adjustment with short term static barometric compensation.
  • Long term automatic barometric compensation with the Heron barLog.
  • Real time reading of height of water and temperature.
  • Rapid real time reading (10 measurements / sec) with text and graphing.
  • Compatible with the Heron dipperWave wireless remote reading system.
  • Easy field recalibration.
  • Comprehensive data management system is incorporated into the program.

2020e & 2020i Portable Turbidity Meters
The newly redesigned 2020 combines an advanced microprocessor with a patent-pending optical chamber resulting in higher accuracy and a wider range. The multi-detector optical configuration assures long term stability and minimizes stray light and color interferences. All readings are determined by the process of signal averaging over a 5 second period. This minimizes fluctuations in readings attributed to large particles and results in rapid, highly repeatable measurements. Ideally suited for both low-level drinking water applications as well as monitoring high turbidity in the field.
  • Reads up to 4000 NTU and records up to 4000 point data log history stored results. Results can be viewed directly on instrument or downloaded to a computer via RS232 cable.
  • Patent pending optical design features focusing optics for low level precision and accuracy.
  • Six user selected languages – English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, and Portuguese.
  • MSP430 Microcontroller used is the most advanced controller on the market for hand held applications.
  • Advanced calibration algorithms.
  • Tube positioning ring limits vial variability.
  • Easy menu driven operation and large LCD display.
2020e meets USEPA design criteria as specified by USEPA method 180.1
2020i meets design criteria for quantitative methods of turbidity using optical turbidimeters as specified by ISO 7027

Kits are supplied with 0, 1, and 10 NTU standard, sample bottle, four sample tubes, and an extra battery. AC power adapter is optional.

DTW Means Depth-To-Water
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