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HYDROLINE™ 800cm2 & 500cm2
.45 Inline Micron Filter

When Metals Matter
Why take a chance with your samples?

The Hydroline™ 500cm2 and 800cm2 inline .45 micron filter takes the guess work out of selecting a filter. The Hydroline™ filter is the first of Hydroline™ products sold exclusively through Groundwater Essentials.

Groundwater Essentials has always provided quality filters. However, ensuring higher quality filters with responsible tracking per filter, per batch, is on our priority list. Unlike any inline micron filter on the market, the Hydroline™ 800cm2 filter takes filtering metals to the next level. If you are filtering lower turbidity, try our Medium Turbidity Hydroline™ 500cm2 filter

FEATURES Hydroline™ filter

  • The Hydroline™ filter media provides nearly twice the prolonged capacity of other brands, yet its capsule is about the same size as most common capsules you may be presently using, and about the same price

  • Each Hydroline™ filter is proudly labeled including the lab results and batch numbers for traceability, again, taking the guess work out

  • Each Hydroline™ filter is vacuum sealed with a heavy-duty 4mil bag then double bagged in heavy-duty 4mil to prevent ripping and tearing in transit or rugged field conditions

  • We could not conceive of risking our filter quality for brand identity!
    There are no color additives in or on our capsules!

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DTW Means Depth-To-Water


DTW Means Depth-To-Water
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