3.3 Amp Battery Charger
3.3 Amp Battery Charger


Model BC1204

Fully Automatic Smart AGM/GEL/SLA Battery Charger.

The VMAX BC1204 utilizes the latest technology in AGM, Gel and flooded lead-acid battery charging, ideal for use with 10-50AH batteries (with 3-15hr est. charging time), yet capable of charging up to 80AH batteries in 24 hours.

The BC1204 is a Four Stage Charger
Stage 1: Desulfating the battery through 18V pulse. Charger enters this stage if it detects battery sulfation or severe discharge. Once battery is rejuvenated, charger moves to Bulk stage. (LEDs: 1 ON, 2-4 OFF)
Stage 2: Bulk charge using charger highest rated voltage and current for the type of battery in use until it reaches 80% capacity. (LEDs: 1-4 Blinking Sequentially)
Stage 3: Absorption, the output voltage is limited to 14.7V while current declines as the battery charges to its full capacity without overheating. (LEDs: 1-3 ON, 4 Blinking)
Stage 4: Float. At this stage, the battery is fully charged and the charger maintains the battery through pulse charging. (LEDs: 1-4 ON)


Input Voltage: 110VAC
Input Current: 1.1A
Bulk Charge Voltage: 14.7V
Bulk Charge Current: 3.3A
Size: 4.75 L x 2.6" W x .63" H
Weight: .6lb.

How to use:

1. Connect the AC cord to AC outlet. The "power" LED will light on solid.
2. Connect positive charger clip (red) to positive battery terminal, the black clip to negative. The "25%~100%" LEDs will light in a sequence. If the batteries polarity is reversed or output is shorted, all LEDs will flash simultaneously, DISCONNECT & CHECK.
3. Depending on the charged capacity, 25%~100% LEDs will light up solid. When all are ON, the battery is fully charged. You can disconnect the battery to use OR keep it connected to charge in float mode. If battery stays at Stage 2 after 24 hours of charging, then the battery is defective.


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