12 Volt Pump and Treat System

PUMPING DEPTH: 220ft. DTW* (67 meters)
  • Supplied with 230 feet of heavy duty 10 gauge wire
  • Dimensions: 3.5"O.D.x12" Length
  • Use With: Optional Low Flow Sampling Controller (PA-10800)
  • Use only 1/2" ID Low Density Polyethylene Tubing
  • Field replaceable wear out parts
  • 4 amp max consumption
  • Great for long term pump tests
  • Can run dry up to 2 hours!
  • Designed for long-term and pump and treat applications
  • Average motor life span 3000-4000 hours
  • Can run continuous 24/7 without a cool-down period.
  • We cut wire to your requested lengths – free of charge!
  • Pulls 4 amps, perfect for battery stacking from solar and wind power
  • Field kit available for easy motor change-out

Multiple options available with this pump: Flexible – durable - reliable
(Standard Low Flow Sampling Controller optional but not required) Specially engineered dry –run sensor controller available. This sensor controls the flow of your purging, senses and shuts off the pump when the well runs dry. Turns the pump on when water is present. Specially designed built-in timer controller. Let your Abyss pump know when you need it to run – or not The abyss pump does just about everything you can think of for your dedicated 4” well applications. It doesn’t get more simple than this!®

Item No. P-10380

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