Stainless Steel Sample Champ XL®
Pumping Depth (DTW)
Gallons Per Minute
10 3.0
20 2.75
30 2.75
40 2.6
60 2.3
70 1.75
80 1.5
100 1.25
110 1.25
120 1.0
130 .85
150 .50
160 .45
170 .35
180 .25
*12 Volt Ratings



Thousands of Stainless Steel Sample Champ XL® have been deployed worldwide, saving our customers tens of thousands of dollars per sampling event. This revolutionary pump fits easily into a 2 inch or larger diameter well, and is the most economical way to sample. The Stainless Steel Sample Champ XL® is more economical to use then any other pump on the market today. It is more economical than bailers, and more economical than passive diffusion samplers. The Stainless Steel Sample Champ XL® is in accordance with EPA Low Flow Sampling guidelines. Furthermore, it can be also be used as a purging pump. Look like a champ by saving your company or client money. Eliminate equipment blanks and decontamination process while increasing sample integrity. This pump is in a league of its own!


So why should you choose the SS Sample Champ XL®?

Dedicating a Stainless Steel Sample Champ XL® per well in less then 5 minutes sounds amazing doesn't it? And it only gets better... How does a simple turn of a dial to sample or purge sound? Remember, no more bulky gas generators, no air compressors to mess with and no more fooling around with heavy bulky pumps. With the Proactive Stainless Steel Sample Champ XL® it really doesn't get any easier!


Finally a reliable 12 volt pump that won’t break your back or your budget.
Have you had enough of dealing with a heavy, bulky and unreliable pump? Now with a Proactive Pump, you can simplify your life!

  • Light Weight.
  • 12 Volt Battery Powered.
  • Handles higher levels of Turbidity.
  • Sample as low as 10ml per minute with the Stainless Steel Sample Champ XL® controller in conjunction with the disposable Low Flow Control Valve.
  • Takes place of heavy bulky pumps.
  • Eliminates bladder pumps.
  • Easy to Decontaminate.
  • Runs clean so you can eliminate the smelly fumes emitted by gas generators and potential air born cross-contamination.


180ft. DTW*

(24.4 Meters)


1 - 130’ feet of heavy duty PVC
wire included (optional Teflon® wire upgrade available.) You Decide! Any additional wire length over 130’ will have an additional charge per foot.
1 Motor Module Included on Pump Head.
1 Wrench.
Pump uses 3/8” id tubing.
• Dimensions: 1.82” O.D. x 7.5” Length.

Low Flow Control Valve provided

with every Stainless Steel Sample Champ XL® Pump

lowFlo sampler


Stainless Steel Sample Champ XL® Well pump holders and well caps

  • Well caps and well holders are easy to install with a rubber mallet. It only takes 1 minute per well... just whack it with a rubber mallet and the internal ribs on the well cap will bite into the PVC well casing making it almost impossible to remove.
  • Locking well cap will minimize theft.
  • Once the well pump holder and well pump cap is installed, future sampling / purge events will take so much less time per well to sample.



Stainless Steel Sample Champ XL® "30 Second Change Out Motor Design!" - A Great Value!


The main wear out parts consisting of the motor and seal all have been incorporated in a single replaceable motor module. Should the existing replaceable motor module fail in the field, a new replaceable motor module can quickly be installed within 30 seconds by a simple quarter turn twist! Once installed, your pump is essentially new and will have a life span identical to a

new pump.

samplechamp chart

Stainless Steel Sample Champ XL® Controller

This Controller is specifically engineered for the Stainless Steel Sample Champ XL® and is constructed of a heavy duty steel casing. For added safety, this controller is engineered with built-in reverse polarity protection circuitry to protect the controller and user.

The controller is also protected with a current limitation circuitry and thermal overload protection. Easy to read LCD display conveniently placed on top of the Stainless Steel Sample Champ XL® Controller makes adjusting and reading the discharge rate a breeze!

And, with the Stainless Steel Sample Champ XL® Controller, the field technician can control the water discharge all the way down to 100 ml. per minute from 180 feet, or 10-40 ml. per minute when used in conjunction with the low flow control valve.

Proactive's Stainless Steel Sample Champ XL® Pump is protected by US Patent 7,584,785.

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