Client Testimonials

Testimonial #1

We were highly impressed with your Proactive pumps, and thank for your recommendations for the AC/DC step-downs. Here are the findings on using your pumps for our highway development research:

Research for new highway design construction / water run-off:

3-Proactive Cyclone pumps running 24/7 with a run time of 3.5 hours straight - and a 30 minute interval of downtime. We ran this performance for 90 days straight.

We calculated that each pump ran a total of 2,064 hours. Quite impressive! We would like to order more.

Just an FYI, we are using these pumps to de-water, so some of the time they are sucking air. They did fine, just thought you should know.

Scientist: Research, DOT, Florida

Testimonial #2

Yes, the Proactive SS Monsoon pump system made it to me this morning, and I brought around the office to show-off how light and nice the components were. Great to work with you. I too, can see the advantages of these pumps. I've never received new rental equipment, quite a treat. Again, thank you for everything. Take care and great job...

Staff Geologist: Virginia

Testimonial #3

It's a pleasure, Julie. Thanks for the follow-up. The SS Mega Typhoon pump system is doing very well for us. I've also referred one of our clients to you, and they might want to buy some gear too.
Hope you're well.

Geologist: Qatar

Testimonial #4

Yesterday was the first time we used the Proactive pump. The 2" well was 45ft deep and extracting water was no problem. Water was flowing with the Proactive pump at a much higher pressure than other sampling pumps that we commonly use in shallower wells. Now I look forward to try the "Super Twister" in a deeper well.

Our client had experimented with simpler pumps that they had serially connected at different levels in the well. That method did not work, hence we got the job. Now we are just waiting for the word to spread.

Senior Geologist : Sweden

Testimonial #5

Yes agreed, it looks like the Tornado pump would be a better choice. Thanks for the direction. I will have one of my staff follow up on the order.

By the way, the PVC Monsoon pump we bought several months ago for purging and low flow sampling worked flawlessly - these are great, economical pumps.

Senior Project Manager: Indiana

Testimonial #6

Thanks for all your hard work in getting the pumps to us in time for this sampling round. And a big thanks for modifying the SS Monsoon pump system - I like it. You just came up with another model.

Thanks for everything Julie, you are the best.

Field Manager: Idaho

Testimonial #7

The word about the SS Hurricane pump from the field tech was good. Thanks for your help. Will keep you in mind, those pumps are a great innovation, helps us get around some health and safety issues.

Hydrogeologist: Tennessee
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